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Thursday, 17 May 2012

Wanie cakap "comel"

Otw to Fiske SteakHouse,. Jumpa this puppy.
Bulu gebu.. And so cute *from the back only okay!
And suddenly the driver open the window (˘_˘")

Wanie started screaming like "comel nye!!!!! Comel nye!"
Yes, dengan ikhlasnya. Ha-ha

Tunggu wanie upload the clear pic of this pups! (`_´)ゞ

Aki xoxo

"Mizz Wanie Update: 

tHe cUte Puppy yeayyyy hahahahahah
Taaadaaaa >> bUruK kan hahahahaa
fRom tHe bAck je coMellll skaLi tgk dPn mcM pELik wAkAhKaHkAh =)) =))=))=))

                     Hiii my name is  Miss Pupu kAhKaHkAh ok bYe!

"Fa Update:

HaahahHAhah then menyesal tak sudah....puji sampai mat motor kat luar tgk.. apa kes pompuan ni...weeee"

With Love

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